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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New tsunami 'hardly worth getting out of bed for'


THE tsunami that hit the Indonesian island of Java on Monday was "hardly worth getting out of bed for", an aid worker has complained.

"The last tsunami (on Boxing Day 2004) was huge, but this one only killed -- what is it now? About 330 people?" said Jeff Baker, of Regional Conscience International Australia, as he prepared to leave for the devastated area.

"I mean, you've seen one bloated, stinking body hanging from a tree you've seen them all."

Hurriedly throwing clothes into a battered backpack, Baker, whose job will be to oversee the distribution of emergency food supplies, said he was sick of having to go to Indonesia "every two fricking months".

"If it's not tsunamis or floods it's fires or earthquakes. These days I seem to be spending more time speaking Bahasa than I do speaking English. And I'm so sick of Indonesian food. Why can't they have a volcano erupt somewhere nice in the South Pacific for a change?

"Oh well, at least I don't have to go to Afghanistan again. That place really sucks."


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